Managing participants

We know how time consuming it can be to manage sailing events, so we strive to simplify it as much as we possibly can.

To make the experience of OOD as fun and easy as possible, we suggest that instead of you adding each of the participants, you send the link to your event to your participants so that they can add themselves. Once you've done this, just sit back, relax and let the competitors roll in for your awesome event.

User hosted events

By default, events created by an individual are not indexable. To allow people to join, either add them to the event or send them the link.

How do we calculate the personal handicaps?

We use the algorithm outlined by the North Hertfordshire & East Bedfordshire Sailing Club.

Like maths? Here you go!

Note: personal handicaps from events are not carried over to crew members, they are only utilised for helms.

How do I print results sheets?

We've made it really easy for you to print out your results, simply go to the relevent regatta, series or event and click the little icon. Once the page is loaded, just print straight from your browser.

Note: you can only print results for regattas, series and events that have finished

Can I print out declaration sheets?

Sure! Just head over to your event and click "Print declaration sheet".

Note: you can only print a declaration sheet if there are participants who are yet to declare.

Event visibility

Events have three different settings for visibility ("who can find the event?").


This is where anyone can find the event, it is visible to everyone.


Only those who the event staff add can find the event.


This setting means that only those in the same club as the host can find the event.

Note: only club-hosted events are able to have this privacy setting.

Something missing? Contact us and we'll get it sorted!