Welcome to FleetReach, your sailing hub.

FleetReach was founded in 2015 by Finnian Anderson and Ben James because they saw some problems with sailing management. The currently available solutions were missing a few features, such as live results and sophisticated user management but primarily the ability for individuals to see their own performance statistics.

Both being sailors, they decided that these were real issues and found themselves thinking about how it could be done. Thus, FleetReach was born.

Today, FleetReach has expanded hugely and now supports user management at club level, user-specific statistics, series correlation, crew requests and much, much more. Although our list of features has grown dramatically, our ethos is still the same - to make it as easy as possible for sailors to stay on top of their sailing.

We strive to give our users the best possible experience when managing their sailing lives. Be it hosting new events, logging their sailing to secure funding or if they're just addicted to graphs, we can help.

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